Sustainable Business Award- October

John Mendez of Camarillo, California is the October winner for the Sustainable Business Award. His organization, Green Thumb Landscapes, has worked to make strides in the way of a sustainable landscape business. He has made procedures within his organization that work to create a less negative impact on the environment. When working with his clients, he works to ensure all their equipment has been updated, and fitted with the most updated green products. His goal is to ensure his clients are given the best care in the landscaping needs, however he understands and works toward making practices in response to environmental issues. He has done this by innovating new designs, construction and the ways in which implementation of landscaping takes place. Ensuring that all clients are outfitted with different devices such as proper irrigation and moisture sensors, that will reduce the amount of water needed. His clients have commended him on his artistry in landscape as well as the impact he has made on their organization by saving money through his green practices. John Mendez says that the way to creating a sustainable landscape is through plant selection. Choosing local plants that are grown locally will thrive more easily in its natural environment. We commend John Mendez and Green Thumb Landscapes on their innovation and positive impact on the environment.

If your business is working toward creating a sustainable impact on society and feel it has placed initiatives you feel should be recognized, enter your organization by October 15th to be considered for the Sustainable business award for November.